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(We will NOT be offering stud services for 2021-2022 breeding season)

We offer stud on a limited basis, driveway breeding only.
Cash/PayPal only.
We do not offer leases on bucks or any type of doe-housing at this time.

We facilitate breeding registered dairy goats with current negative results from WADDL or other accredited lab for CAE CL + JOHNES.
Results need to be within 6 months with no herd changes or outside breeding since the blood-draw. We ask that folks share their results and proof of doe registration prior to coming for breeding. If you need help getting your goats tested, please let us know. We are happy to refer folks for blood draw services.
We will send our current WADDL paperwork at that time.

Doe needs to be in good condition, including hooves and I'll check for lice. If she isn't in standing heat or does not settle (goes into heat again) I'll allow another breeding attempt at no additional charges within 5 weeks time of initial attempt.


****Fees are due even if the doe doesn't stand or the doe is not in condition for breeding****



Please ensure your doe is in good weight, doesn't have lice and her feet are trimmed. Addressing any health concerns BEFORE breeding will help for a healthier pregnancy. Please track heats in advance so we can have a successful breeding. I recommend tracking for 6-9 weeks so you have a really good idea of when they are ready. Standing heat can be only a few hours' time. Once you have an idea for when your doe will be in heat, please let us know so we can have the buck ready and budget time to facilitate breeding. Signs of heat include: crying, swollen vulva, clear vaginal discharge, mating behavior with pen-mates. Buck rags happily provided for owners to help track reactions.


$75.00 Kingfisher
Kingfisher is a yearling buck with no data under him. His pedigree speaks volumes for his potential and as he proves himself, his fee will rise.

$100.00 Scotchie (polled)
We have June Bug on farm, freshened and first to milk enough to earn a butterfat star on 2021 milk test. June Bug earned her production star as well. He's 1/3 of the way to his +B designation.
Photo of Scotchie as a yearling buck. (beige buck)



$100.00 Fury (polled) - Unavailable for stud
Dam has been on the elite list every year since 2012, including 2020. She can be seen at LILY (thanks to Gladdie Acres for allowing me to share this link).

Fury does not have kids on the ground yet, we look forward to his kids in April 2021.

$200.00 K - Unavailable for stud
(champion daughters, superior genetics daughters, progeny milking well
over 1000# in a milking season (305 days), FF daughters earning milk production stars)
IMPROVES general appearance, milk production, udder capacity, rear end
width, rear udder attachment.
Photo of K in 2016 (black and white buck)

Generally, memos are DOE KID ONLY.

Most buck kids should be wethered and to encourage this we allow doe
kids *only* to be registered. (We do practice what we preach. We have
wethered every buck kid born here.)

If your doe is exceptional for her breed and has milk records behind
her we are happy to allow K to have registered buck kids. Scotchie has
daughters who are just now freshening and as we see what he is capable
of his price for stud and ability to register buck kids, depending on
the quality of doe serviced, could change.

Buck chosen for breeding will have freshly trimmed hooves, fringe hair
shaved off around sheath and will be checked over for lice or any
other health concerns that might interfere with breeding. We test
annually for CAE, CL+ JOHNES thru WADDL and have never had a positive.
Most recent testing was August 2022.

All breedings get a *physical* paper ADGA service memo.
We can provide other registry memos by request.

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