The Wags Ranch Pumpkin Pi
ADGA ID: D1666240

DOB: March 14, 2013

VEEV 88 (4yo, 3f) June 18, 2017

Pumpkin is a gentle, friendly doe and a good milker with very large, easy to milk teats. She kidded unassisted and is such a patient mother.

Pumpkin typically milks about a 1/4 gallon. She does not have the same will to milk or hold her lactation quite as well as her herd-mates but has no trouble feeding her kids.

Her 2016 doeling Nutmeg and 2017 doeling Dragonfly have been retained.

Freshened: 04.15.2017

    Single: Dragonfly (doeling),
          Unassisted delivery

Freshened: 03.25.2016

Cinnamon (doeling),
Clove (buckling),
Ginger (doeling),
Nutmeg (doeling)
          Unassisted delivery

Freshened:  05.27.2015

Twins, unassisted

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