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A fantastic website that is a fun place to learn about goats.

Nigerian Dairy Goat Association

This website includes information about Nigerian Dwarf goats specifically.


Are you looking for a specific goat that 3 Hen Farm doesn't have?

Monkey Hill Farm
Sandy, OR​
Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders.
Michelle has carefully invested in bringing in some really nice genetics from throughout the US. She DNA tests her bucks, bio-security tests annually and is an ADGA Plus herd for 2021.

Wild In Wild Farm
Beavercreek, OR
Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders.
Brett runs one of the milkiest herds in this area. She has invested in bringing some very nice bucks with MILK behind them. Her focus has been on milk from the start of her journey. ADGA Plus herd.

Sans Gene Goats
LaCenter, WA
Nigerian Dwarf and LaMancha goat breeders.
Dixie participates in show, linear appraisal and milk testing. Her goats do well with all three! K, our beloved elder buck, was one of Dixies first herd sires.

Wags Ranch

Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders. 
Jane breeds beautiful goats who are also ADGA registered and on a grass-based diet.

5505 S.E. International Way
Milwaukie,OR 97222
Phone: 503.234.7501

Looking for excellent prices and friendly faces? Concentrates carries many feed and agriculture products and we've found they are generally the best price point we can find.

We purchased our first milking system 5 or so years ago.The original system is still running well and we milk year-round every other year so it gets A LOT of use. For this price point the system pulsates, has an over-flow tank and when taken care of will last years. Truly a small family business located in Oregon that invests in other small businesses and the goat community at large.

Fir Meadow LLC

Fir Meadow carries high quality herbs and herb blends to help keep all of your  creatures in top health. We use their GI Soother and DWA herbal blends for parasite prevention.

The Goat Expert

Deanna is a wonderful resource for new and experienced goat keepers. She offers many services including hoof-trimming, herd reviews and advice, vacciations and more. Deanna has her own herd of goats that she manages and works with daily.

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