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Clicking on a photo will route you to our animals that are currently for sale.
Please contact us for additional information and availability.
ADGA Nigerian Dwarf goats

Seasonally we offer our goat kids for sale. All of our goat kids have been dam raised and well socialized with introductions to gentle dogs, chickens, ducks, cats and humans of all ages. We handle our kids often and start hoof trimming at 4 weeks, teaching them to sit for regular maintenance and inspections.

Swedish ducks
Traditionally kept for their excellent egg laying abilities. We occasionally offer adult ducks and ducklings for sale . The ducks have access to 3 acres of land and live well with chickens and goats. They house at night for safety.

We have a variety of barnyard mix chickens for eggs and run Freedom Ranger chickens for meat annually. Laying hens are hatched on property and raised by a chicken mom. We are often able to accomodate sales of laying hens and chicks.


Currently, we are building our honeybee operation. We are happy to help answer bee keeping questions, assist with swarm consultations/removals and hope to offer bees and honey for sale in the future.

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