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ADGA Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Proud members of the American Dairy Goat Association, we have well-cared for Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Our goats live on 5 fenced acres and are fed a grass-based diet. We do not feed our goats grain. Goats are ruminants and are designed to eat grass and browse including weeds and brush. When ruminant animals are fed grain the rumen functions differently than when they are kept on grass/browse diets. If you purchase our goats and choose to add grain to their diet, please introduce it very slowly. Dietary changes can cause rumen disruption that can have the effect of an uncomfortable goat, or even, death.

The goats in our herd: browse on our 3 acres of untreated land, organic alfalfa pellets and a blend of carrots, black oil sunflower seeds, coconut, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and herbs to support overall health. They also have access to clean, high-quality orchard grass hay 24/7 and fresh water. We offer Sweetlix meat maker mineral blend, ZinPro40 for a zinc supplement and organic kelp. The boys barn gets Manna Pro goat mineral for about a week each month to pulse dose ammonium chloride.


Please choose a feeding program that you have researched and are comfortable with.

We are on an herbal program to promote good health and prevent parasites. Currently, our goats have fecal eggs per gram counts done in house on a regular basis to ensure that our herbal preventative plan is working. Goats should be tested for intestinal parasites, rather than simply routinely dewormed. Parasite resistance to chemical deworming products in goats is a huge problem and we have been avoiding the use of a chemical parasite treatment with success. Goat fecal counts are shared upon request.

Negative through WADDL for CAE CL & Johnes August 2022.
Results happily shared upon request.

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