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Farm Visits

We love having visitors. Our farm is a working farm so we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week but we do appreciate an appointment prior to a visit so that we can be sure and have time set aside to show folks around and answer questions. Daily we are doing chores from 630a-930a and again from 4p-6p. Visitors are welcome to observe or participate but we do ask that you schedule in advance. We would like to have any extras in place prior to milking as a lot of activity during this time is distracting and can be scary for our girls.

We work to have a safe, healthy environment for our animals and humans. If you'd like to wear your own shoes please know we will wash the soles in warm soapy water to remove any debris, then wipe with a Clorox wipe to sanitize them. If shoes are of a deep tread, we will ask that they be dipped into a Clorox bleach solution which may result in the removing of colors. We also ask that all visitors wash their hands before and after interacting with our animals. (It's just Dr Bronner lavender soap, nothing crazy, but a simple hand washing really helps maintain the health of our animals and visitors.)


If you are interested in tasting the milk from the dam of a doeling you are interested in purchasing, we are happy to have some set aside. Please know it is raw, meaning we do not pasteurize, heat-treat or otherwise sanitize our milk. We do practice strict milking hygiene but consuming our milk (which we drink daily) is at your own risk.


Our animals are treated with respect. This means we do not hit them, chase them or otherwise cause them unnecessary fear. We expect that our visitors, of all ages, will do the same. 

Children are welcome to visit. Please know that we have animals of both genders which means visitors are likely to see mating behavior. If left to us, we will answer with the facts in as matter of fact and gentle manner as possible. We will not lie to children, however, if you choose to, we won't make any corrections. Chasing, hitting, yelling and rough-housing are not permitted when children are in with our animals. This is our animals' home and they will be treated with kindness and feel safe here. 

Please leave your animals, including both pets and livestock at home.

3 Hen Farm works to create a safe environment for all of our hard working livestock and the humans that both live on property and visit. We embrace diversity and kindness and do not think that we have to agree with the decisions of other farms or humans to treat everyone with respect. Open discussions are welcome when approached in kindness and consideration and we love sharing ideas and learning about new ways of life.

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