Wags Ranch MM Myrtle

ADGA ID: D1715052

DOB: March 16, 2014
VEEE 90 (3yo, 2f) June 18, 2017

Myrtle is a sunny, reserved doe and an excellent, consistent milker with large, easy to milk teats. She kids quickly and unassisted - with exception of a DOA who was presenting head down, stuck on pelvis. Myrtle is an excellent mother and takes wonderful care of her kids. 

Myrtle milks about 3/4 gallon at her peak and holds steady at no less than 1/4 gallon through her lactation. She is an eager milking and enjoys "working" such that drying her up takes effort.

Her 2017 doeling, Firefly has been retained.
Her 2018 doeling, Snow White, has been retained.

Freshened: 03.30.2016

Anise (doeling),
Habenaro (buckling)
    DOA (doeling) 
Unassisted delivery

Freshened: 04.09.2017

    Triplets: Firefly(doeling),
Superman (buckling)
Spiderman (buckling)
          Unassisted delivery

Freshened: 04.16.2018

 Triplets: Snow White (doeling),
Prince (buckling)
DOA (buckling)
          Assisted delivery

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