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2018 Goat kid

2018 kidding season will be here before we know it.


Ella, a very well-bred, registered mini-mancha was bred with the expectation of a March kidding. One doe will be retained from this breeding and we will be wethering all buck-kids.

Angel, Myrtle and Pumpkin have been be bred for April kiddings. Buck-kids will be evaluated for herd-sire potential prior to selling and will be wethered if found to be lacking. Buck-kids who have not had a deposit down at the time of wethering will be altered. We recognize that there are many, many bucks available, a lot of whom are mediocre.  Wethered bucks tend to be more readily placed as a pet and are often better cared for than stinky bucks. A doe kid will be retained from each dam and a buck-kid from Myrtle.

Previously Angel has kidded quads and triplets, Myrtle twins and triplets and Pumpkin, twins, quads and a single.

Nutmeg has been bred for a late April kidding and we will be retaining one doe kid and selling bucklings as wethered pets.

Reservations will be complimentary and clients will be contacted in order of reservation to review kids after kidding. Once a kid has been picked, a non-refundable deposit will hold the kid of choice.

Blood has been drawn and we anticipate results for our current bio-security testing to be available no later than March 12, 2018.

All of our kids for sale have been dam raised with a lot of socialization with humans from ages 2-84, friendly, respectful large dogs, chickens and ducks. They have separate housing and runs from other species but share 3 acres of land. Our kids start getting introduced to hoof trimming at 4 weeks of age. They are taught with positive reinforcement to lay quietly while we trim their hooves. We are on an herbal deworming preventative plan with quarterly fecals to ensure that we are on track. Please see our goats page for more information on how we intentionally, respectfully and kindly care for our herd.

Our adults tested negative for CL, CAE and Johnes in February 2018. We are happy to share paperwork with interested buyers.

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